Our land

The farm’s crops are located in the Gravine area, in the south-eastern part of the Murgia plateau, between the towns of Laterza and Ginosa, a few chilometres far from the Ionian Sea. The Gravina of Laterza is one of the biggest canyons of Europe. It is the most important expression of a particular land known as the Gravine of Ionic Arc, stretching from Ginosa to Grottaglie. There are tens of fan-like Gravine all around  the Gulf of Taranto, each of them is different in size and morphology. Inside and around the canyons, a rocky civilization has developed over thousands of years, leaving clear signs in culture, history, art and in particular in a model of life in close contact with nature.
The Gravina of Laterza has an original meandering development that is 12 km long and 400 m wide, among massive rock walls exposed to erosion and smooth walls of whitish limestone as high as more than 200 m, disseminated in many caves and ledges almost hanging in mid-air.