Gnostro del Sol wine

“Gnostro” comes from the Laertino dialect “u gnostr”, a word that stands for a coloured and full-bodied wine. Gnostro del Sol is a biological red wine in compliance with Regulation (CE) 203/2012, which requires the producer to use only some types of adjuvant and oenological practice that conventional producers normally use. Gnostro del Sol is produced in accordance with the standard form of sustainable agriculture adopted by the farm Pi2Bio: the wine is made from its own grapes, using only indigenous yeasts, without the need of any oenological adjuvant and totally excluding the addition of sulphur dioxide. In 2013/14 in Gnostro del Sol wine the sulphites level was 12-13 mg/litre as total sulphur dioxide, higher than of 10 mg/litre – the limit value below which the wine does not need to be labelled as containing sulphites – but far below 100 mg/litre, the maximum limit for red wines. The total concentration of sulphur dioxide is due to the normal metabolism of the yeasts, as happens in natural alcoholic fermentation.

Gnostro del sol

Gnostro del Sol


Vine variety: Primitivo and Merlot.

Farming system: espalier with Guyot pruning.

Exposure: south-east.

Position of vineyards: Laterza, 350 m a.s.l.

Soil: red, calcareous.

Working techniques: biological with controlled grassing at alternate rows.

Management of the vineyard: dry pruning, green pruning with defoliation and hand thinning of clusters.

Yield per hectare: 50/60 quintals.

Harvest: clusters are harvested by hand and put in small crates during the first decade of September.

Vinification: destemming-soft pressing of grapes, alcoholic fermentation with indigenous yeasts, maceration for about 15-20 days. No addition of sulphur dioxide, selected yeasts or substances for oenological use. Wine aging in stainless steel containers and refinement in bottle. Unfiltered wine.

Alcohol: 14,5 % Vol.

Sight: intense red wine with violet hues.

Smell: at first hints of cherry and black cherry, even of ripe peaches, later spicy aromas of leather and cinnamon.

Taste: this product, with a strong structure and personality, is abboccato (slightly sweet) and lingers on tongue and the palate with its roundness.