General conditions of sale

The following general conditions of sale govern the sale of agricultural products commercialized on the Internet site (below only ‘site’) belonging to the farm Pi2Bio di Pietro Pierri (below only ‘Pi2Bio’) registered office in Via Roma, 100 Laterza (TA) 74014, Italy, Register of Companies of Taranto, number REA (Register of Economics and Management): TA 144237, VAT Registration Number: 02415420732.

The contracts fulfilled online and according to the procedures indicated between Pi2Bio and the Client are governed by these Conditions of Sale, in compliance with the Consumer Code (D. Lgs. N. 70/2003 and following adjustments), with the rules of electronic commerce (D. Lgs. N. 70/2003 and following adjustments) and in any case with the Italian law in force.

The purchase of products ondine is open to natural or legal persons who purchase goods for purposes other than commercial distribution. The purchase of products is reserved to adults. Pi2Bio promotes responsible consumption of alcohol and excludes any responsibility in case of purchase made by minors, by unauthorized persons or any improper use of products purchased.

Before confirming orders we suggest to read the general conditions of sale and the Privacy Policy.

If it is a private customer we should need to know the following data:

  1. Name and family name

  2. Residence address

  3. Address where to send the goods to ( not necessary if it is the same as the residence address)

  4. Telephone number

  5. Email address

  6. Tax code

If it is a company we should need to know the following data:

  1. Business name

  2. Address of the registered office

  3. Address of the operational office where to send the goods to (not necessary if it is the same as the registered office)

  4. Telephone number

  5. Email address

  6. VAT Registration Number

Prices and availability of products

Features and prices that identify each product are shown in the informative card published on the website. The informative card of the Product contains images and texts. The text proves the identification of the Product and of its characteristics. All the prices are expressed in Euros and include VAT. The cost of shipping, where applicable, must be added to the price of the product; the amount of such a cost varies depending on the terms of delivery and payment.

The prices of the products published on the website are subject to change, depending on the year, the different types of packaging and the different sizes.

For this reason Pi2Bio reserves the right to make changes to the price list and the method of packaging at any time and without prior notice.

Such changes will be effective as from the publication on the website and in any case they will not affect orders already submitted by the Customer.

If the product is not available, you will be informed via email and Pi2Bio may propose to modify the order or may decide to give up the sale by payng you back the amount in the following days and anyway by the maximum term of 10 days from the order.

How to buy

In order to purchase the Products the Customer will fill in and send the order form on the website electronically following the instructions.

In short, the Customer should fulfill the following steps:

  • Choose the Product by selecting it among the products available on the website

  • Add the Product to the cart

  • Indicate the quantity

  • Go to the cash

  • Enter data required (among which the email address and the residence address)

  • Indicate the address where to send the goods to (if different from the address of the buyer

  • Confirm in the window the registered data

  • Select the terms of payment (PayPal, credit card or bank transfer); confirm to be adult

  • Confirm to have read the Privacy Policy and authorize Pi2Bio to the data processing necessary to the delivery of the order; confirm to have read and accept these Conditions of Sale

  • Indicate the data necessary to the issue of the invoice within the field ‘Communication of the Customer’

  • Send the order form, accepting the engagement to pay for the Products within the terms set out in the event that he/she has chosen to pay by bank transfer or by paying immediately in all the other cases. After having carried out the procedure, the site shows a summary of the order sent. The Customer is required to print the above mentioned summary. The Customer is required, moreover, to print or save on durable support a copy of these Terms of Sale.

If the procedure is successful Pi2Bio will send an email of the order confirmation to the Customer containing:

  • The number of the order

  • The summary of the Products ordered and of the possible contribution to the transport costs

  • The terms of payment chosen by the Customer

  • Indication of the consideration paid, if the Customer paid by Credit Card or PayPal, or to be paid, if the Customer chose to pay by bank transfer

  • The summary of the shipping and billing information

  • The Customer is required to read carefully and to print or save on a durable support the above mentioned email.

Terms of payment

The Customer can pay by:

  • Credit cards

  • PayPal

  • Bank transfer

Credit card

Circuits enabled on the site are:

  • Visa

  • Mastercard

  • Visa Electron

  • Maestro

The site does not store the credit card number as the Customer completes the payment directly on the secure server out of the site of Pi2Bio, where i twill be redirected so to make the payment.


The Customer will be redirected on the site of PayPal, where he/she may safely make the payment. Data provided are managed exclusively by the website of PayPal.

Bank transfer

Once received the order, if the Customer decides to pay by bank transfer, Pi2Bio will send an email to communicate all the information necessary to make the payment.

Data to enter in the object of payment:

  • Number of the order

  • Date of the order

  • Name and family name or business name of the Customer

If the Customer does not make the payment by bank transfer within 3 days from the order, Pi2Bio may contact him/her in order to clarify the reason.

To facilitate and speed up the preparation for shipment the Customer will send an email to with the data of the bank transfer within 48 hours from the payment (excluding National Holidays).

Data to make the payment by bank transfer are:

Bank account holder: Pi2Bio di Pierri Pietro

Name of the Bank: Banca Carime S.p.A. – Filiale di Laterza (TA) Piazzale Saragat, 11

IBAN Code: IT 62 N 030 677 890 000 000 001 104 70


Conclusion of the contract

The contract is considered as achieved when Pi2Bio will send the order confirmation to the customer.

Completion of the contract

The completion of the purchase agreement is subject to payment of the Products ordered. The payment of the ordered products is prepaid compared to shipping.

If the Customer does not pay the ordered products within 5 (five) days of the receipt of the order confirmation, the agreement between Pi2Bio and the Customer will be considered as rescinded.

Pi2Bio will complete the contract and will deliver the Products ordered to the Customer within 5 (five) working days after verifying successful payment.

If Pi2Bio could not process the order, it will give immediate notice to the Customer and within a maximum period of 3 (three) working days from the knowledge of such impossibility it will provide to the refund of any received payment. With the repayment of the amount paid to the Customer the contract is to be considered as rescinded. Execpt for the reimbursement of the amounts paid, any other rights of the Customer to compensation of any kind or nature is excluded for lack of acceptance or avoidance of an order by Pi2Bio.

Therefore, with the repayment to the Customer of the money received, the parties have nothing to expect from each other.


Products purchased on the website will be sent to the address specified by the Customer in the purchase procedure when Pi2Bio receives confirmation of the payment.

Pi2Bio will deliver the products purchased to the forwarding agent within 2 (two) working days after verifying the successful completion of payment. The Products will be couriered (below courier) within the next 3 (three) working days.

If made available by the courier, Pi2Bio will transmit an e-mail to the Customer with a link allowing him/her to follow the delivery status through the so called ‘Tracking’.

Pi2Bio is not responsible for unpredictable delays in deliveries and for reasons not attributable to it. Shipping prices below are a contribution to the cost of packaging and shipping the goods including VAT. The shipping will be always recorded in the invoice. Unless otherwise indicated by the Customer, the invoice will be included inside the package delivery.

Cost of Shipping


Orders up to

10 Kg

Orders from 11 to 19 Kg

Orders starting from 170 Euros


10 Euros

12 Euros




Orders up to 20 Kg

Orders from 21 to 30 Kg

Orders from 31 to 50 Kg

Orders from 51 to 70 Kg

Orders starting from 70 Kg


20 Euros

40 Euros

60 Euros

80 Euros



20 Euros

40 Euros

60 Euros

80 Euros



20 Euros

40 Euros

60 Euros

80 Euros



20 Euros

40 Euros

60 Euros

80 Euros



20 Euros

40 Euros

60 Euros

80 Euros



20 Euros

40 Euros

60 Euros

80 Euros



20 Euros

40 Euros

60 Euros

80 Euros



20 Euros

40 Euros

60 Euros

80 Euros



20 Euros

40 Euros

60 Euros

80 Euros


For countries not listed please ask quotation by sending an e – mail to :

Shipping controls

Upon delivery of the products from the courier, the customer is required to check that the products purchased have been delivered perfectly packaged and in a state of integrity. When encountering irregularities, depending on the severity detected, we advise the customer to:

  • not accept the delivery and return the packs to sender by filling out the form provided by the carrier or, failing that, by producing his/her own document after taking pictures of the Products and their damaged packaging for mutual protection;

  • Inform immediately Pi2Bio with an email to the address attaching the photo of the damaged product and its packaging;


  • produce written reservation with date and signature upon delivery, by filling out the form provided by the carrier or, failing that, by producing his/her own document after taking pictures of the packs of dubious integrity for mutual protection;

  • Inform immediately Pi2Bio with an email to the address attaching the photo of the pack recalled with reservation.

Right of termination

As set out by the Consumer Code Legislative Decree No 6 September 2005 206, and next adjustments including Legislative Decree no. 21 February 2014 – the Customer, whether a consumer and not a company, has the right, under that decree, to cancel the contract without giving any reason within 14 days from delivery.

Under the clause 59, letters d) and e) of the Consumer Code the consumer will lose his/her right of termination if he opens the bottle of wine and oil.

The deadline of the termination period is 14 days after the day on which the Customer, or a third party other than the carrier and indicated by the Customer, acquires physical possession of the goods. To exercise the right of termination, the Customer is required to inform Pi2Bio di Pierri Pietro Via Roma, 100 – 74014 Laterza (TA) Italy e-mail: of his/her decision to terminate the contract through an unequivocal statement (eg registered letter or PEC to the address: indicating: the order for which he/she intends to exercise its right of termination, the identification number (the number of the order), a brief description of the products, the possible indication for the refund if he/she decides to use a different form from that used for the purchase.

When exercising the right of termination the Customer is required to indicate:

  • the order for which he/she intends to exercise the right of termination with a brief description of the purchased goods;

  • the date of the order;

  • the date of any receipt of goods;

  • his/her name and surname (as indicated in the order);

  • his/her address;

  • signature (in the case of sending by paper).

The Customer has the right to indicate the order number for which he asks for the termination and the number of invoice issued by Pi2Bio and to reiterate his/her bank code for the refund of the amount paid.

Once received such data Pi2Bio will inform the customer about how to return products communicating the code and the terms of return.

Effects of the termination

If the Customer Cnsumer terminates the contract, Pi2Bio will return the amount paid in relation to that order including the cost of delivery (except for the additional costs arising from the eventual choice of a type of delivery other than the standard offered by us). The repayment will be released in short time and in any case not later than 14 days from the moment in which the goods object of the termination will be returned to Pi2Bio, which will control the integrity of the products. Therefore, the reimbursement is to be understood suspended until the return of the goods. The above mentioned repayments will be made using the same means of payment used for the initial transaction unless the customer has expressly indicated otherwise. In any case, the Customer will not incur any fees as a result of exercising the right of termination (except the amounts charged to him/her for the return of the Products).

When exercising the right of termination after the shipment or delivery of the goods, the customer will be required to send back the goods intact and properly packed to:

Pi2Bio di Pierri Pietro

Via Roma, 100

74014 Laterza (TA)


The term for the proper exercise of the right of termination shall be considered as respected if the Customer sends back the goods no later than the deadline of 14 calendar days from receipt of goods. The costs for the return of the goods will be fully charged to the Customer.

Limitations on the use of the content on the site

The contents of the website are protected by laws that protect intellectual property. The Consumer may download and print content only for his/her personal and non-commercial purposes. In any case the Consumer may not distribute, modify, transmit, send or use the content of the website, including texts, images, audios or videos and software on the site, for advertising purposes or commercial purposes without the prior written consent of Pi2Bio.

In particular designations site and Pi2Bio, as well as other brands of site and Pi2Bio, cannot in any way be used as domain names or parts of it for third-party websites and third activities without the prior written consent of the Pi2Bio. It is possible to consult the site via mobile devices. Pi2Bio expressly invites Users to desist from surfing the site when the use of such mobile devices will not occur in situations of total security or may be, in any way, a violation of the existing rules (eg. Surfing while driving ).

Exclusion of responsibility of Pi2Bio as regard as third-party content and other sites linked to this site

Where, possibly, the site is somehow connected to external pages or third party sites Pi2Bio expressly warns Users that:

    1. it cannot control such situations;

b) in any case Pi2Bio does not accept any liability with regard to materials and information contained in the sites and pages of third parties arising in any way connected or related to the site content. If the User connects to links or to pages outside the site, he/she assumes responsibility for that.