About us

The whole process of cultivation and production uses only naturally occurring molecules, completely excluding synthetic molecules. Our aim is the research of operating procedures, in order to respect the agroecosystem and preserve its equilibrium. With the right farming practices, we can yield a good production, all reducing the impact of cultivation on the ecosystem in an environmentally friendly way. This goal is pursued by the ongoing restoration and maintenance of the landscape and biodiversity, by respecting the unfarmed areas, the hedges of typical Mediterranean plants, the spontaneous grassing, the native trees, the thickets, the dry stone walls, where beneficial organisms can find shelter and food during the most difficult times of their life cycle. Our products are “Bio” and certified by accredited control bodies, in accordance with Regulation (CE) 834/07.
The productions are limited and marketed only in those years in which the desired quality is obtained. In 2014 they ensured high levels of quality, enabling us to bottle our first products: “Gnostro del Sol” wine and “Oro del Sol” oil.
The owner and technical manager is Mr Pietro PIERRI, graduated in Viticultural and Oenological Sciences from Consorzio Interateneo at the University of Turin, Milan, Foggia, Palermo and Sassari. He is agronomist and oenologist; he uses innovative techniques respecting tradition, but with a low environmental impact.